Preparing for CEDIA Certification

1. Select the Right Certification

Read about each available certification to find the credential that best suits your skills, experience, and career path.

2. Review the Job Task Analysis (JTA)

The JTA is the blueprint of what is covered in the exam. Review the JTA and identify areas where further learning or experience is called for. If you feel confident in your knowledge, you can skip to step 4. To find a link to the JTA for the exam(s) you are interested in, start here and select a certification.

3. Execute a Learning Plan

To fill in any knowledge gaps, you can find relevant CEDIA books, online training, in-person training, and other resources at cedia.net.

4. Take the Pre-Test Assessment

This free online practice test will provide immediate results, allowing you to customize your learning and final review before taking the exam. To find a link to the Pre-Test Assessment for the exam(s) you are interested in, start here and select a certification.

5. Final Review and Preparation

Plan your final review and preparation based on the results of your Pre-Test Assessment. In addition to reviewing materials on your own, take advantage of the review sessions offered at CEDIA.

6. Register for the Exam

Add your desired certification exam to your registration when you register to attend CEDIA 2017.

Find additional CEDIA Certification details, including JTAs, Pre-Test Assessments, and more, at cedia.net/certification.



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